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HORD Token

Success Fee

Upon redemption, 5% of profits are being used to buy back and burn HORD tokens.

Redemption Fee

When a portfolio ETF is redeemed for its underlying value, a 0.5% fee is applied.

Orderbook DEX Fee

A 0.25% fee applies to trades of ETFs on the orderbook DEX if traders own HORD tokens. Otherwise, a 0.4% fee applies.

50% of DEX fees reduce HORD token supply. The other 50% replenish the development fund.


HORD stakers will earn the right to partake in governance of the network and protocol.

HORD Token Metrics

HORD token is a Deflationary Utility token that is designed to run Hord platform

25% Sold ($2m.)

22.5% seed + private
2.5% public

25% Participation

Ecosystem Champions
and users participation

10% DEX Liquidity +
Staking Rewards

10% Long term

2 - 5 years lock

30% Team + Advisors
+ Foundation

HORD Distribution

1. Seed Round
2. Locked Sale
3. Liquidity
4. Ecosystem Incentives
5. Team
6. Marketing & Growth
7. Foundation
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