Hord Test App is Live

Hord Team
December 24, 2021

Hord Test App on BSC Testnet

Today we are happy to present to you the first major step towards launching the official Hord App: Test App on BSC Testnet. This means all users get the chance to play around with a preliminary version of the app to get a feel for its layout, user experience and functionality.

DISCLAIMER: This environment is still under development and might present a buggy experience, please forward any feedback to the Telegram group.

How to participate

There is a number of steps that needs to be taken in order for you to participate in this round of testing:

  1. Setup a connection to the BSC Testnet in MetaMask
  2. Acquire free BSC Testnet BNB tokens
  3. Trade some BSC Testnet BNB tokens for HORD tokens on PancakeSwap
    BSC Testnet HORD token address: 0x9c0166B6Ae1746EDCC291641BfB8bA3A4C87E525
  4. Go to the app: staging.hord.app

If you are having any trouble with getting HORD/BNB, send your ERC20 wallet address in the Hord Community group on Telegram and we’ll make sure to send you both.

Testing Calendar

  • Saturday morning - Sunday evening:
    Opening subscriptions for first pool
  • Monday morning:
    hPool launched
  • Tuesday morning:
    hPool rebalanced (increasing number of underlying assets in the pool)
  • Tuesday afternoon:
    Triggering stop loss/take profit (Exclusive Hord feature not seen before on DEX)
  • Wednesday morning:
    Liquidate some of the underlying assets
  • Wednesday afternoon:
    Calling users to test individual liquidation (redeem from pool)
  • Thursday morning:
    hPool ended (users can get back their profits / assets etc..)


Most of you will spend the next few days with friends and family for Christmas. During these long days sometimes it can be nice to have a little escape and do something for yourself. Hord is here to help with the test app!

Enjoy the experience and stay aware that we are working on Testnet so there is no actual volume for the test tokens. We will do our best to create an experience that somewhat resembles the actual app however and will make sure to showcase most of the functionality in this demo run.

Keep up with Hord

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Github: github.com/hord

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