HORD LP Staking Farm is Live!

Hord Team
April 28, 2021

HORD LP Staking Farm is now deployed at farm.hord.app

The program will reward holders of Liquidity Provider tokens from the HORD-ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap with up to 1.500.000 $HORD, distributed over approximately 400.000 blocks (roughly two months).

Rewards will be distributed proportionally to the amount of liquidity each person provides, therefore APY per person will depend on how many LP tokens they contribute to the Farm.

A time-based reward system is implemented to further incentivize long term liquidity providing. Users staking their HORD-ETH LP tokens on the Farm earn a cumulative reward for each block on the Ethereum blockchain. The benefits are distributed at the confirmation of each block proportionally to the total amount of LP tokens in the Farm at that time.

Medium Article is here

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