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Optimize your crypto trading with Hord’s dynamic ETFs.The best crypto portfolios tokenized and traded. Powered by decentralized smart contracts.

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Pooled investing cuts gas fees by orders of magnitude


Automated copy trading to adjust to new buys or sells


Tokenized for maximum liquidity, tradable on Hord DEX
Crypto ETF
Copy the best crypto traders

Advanced Management Tools

Selected KOLs, asset managers, and high-performing traders can create and manage a public tokenized portfolio as a Hord Champion

  • Any token with liquidity on DEX
  • Easy rebalancing
  • Advanced DEX trading tools
— Buy Limit
— Sell Limit
— Stop Loss
  • Performance analytics
Crypto ETF

Join a pool and maximize your gains

By joining an hPool you acquire a tokenized version of the portfolio strategy. The hPool token’s value is derived from the underlying assets in the Champion’s portfolio and is updated in real time.

Owners of hPool tokens can redeem them for the value of the underlying assets at any time or choose to trade the tokens on Hord’s proprietary orderbook DEX.

Tokenized portfolios

Deep Liquidity for Crypto ETFs

Hord is the first protocol that allows for fully liquid tokenized crypto ETFs.

With Hord’s powerful orderbook DEX you can trade portfolios just like you trade tokens.

Platform Features

Performance suite

Our portfolio performance suite provides you with deep insights into the performance of all public pools on the Hord platform. With industry standard metrics and visually appealing graphs you’ll be able to assess strategies and performance at a glance.

Hord DEX

Automated Market Makers like Uniswap and PancakeSwap are capital inefficient. They require massive amounts of LP deposits to facilitate trading without large slippage.

Hord DEX enables trading ETF tokens without the need for liquidity providers by with a CEX-like order book experience.

Champion, DAO and Index-based pools

Portfolio Leaders with a track-record of high performance qualify as Champions and give you an edge. DAO-based pools bring you to the next frontier of SocialFi. Index-based pools give you instant, cheap and easy access to different sub sectors of the crypto industry.

Hord offers all three and sets itself apart as the catch-all DeFi portfolio protocol in crypto.

HORD Token

HORD Token is the central driver of the Hord protocol. Utilities include:


Hord protocol incorporates a perpetual staking farm that offers high percentage yield

Fee Reductions

All platform fees are reduced by staking HORD token

DAO Governance Rights

DAO governance rights are given to HORD token stakers

Exclusive Early Access

HORD token stakers get exclusive early access to new features

hPool HODLing

Every hPool has a minimum of 1% in HORD tokens, higher TVL means less HORD available on the market

Champion Ticket Staking

In addition to the perpetual staking farm, HORD can be staked to gain access to Champion pools.

Hord Fee Structure

Mirroring portfolios pay a 0%-40% gratuity fee for their performance.

Champions' are also collectively distributed 25% of the trading fees generated on the orderbook DEX. This gratuity is in proportion to the TVL of champions mirrored baskets.

crypto copy trading

Hord 2.0 roadmap will be announced soon

Hord Backers


Frequently asked questions

What is Hord?

Hord Fund is a data protocol that:

- Enables market leaders to broadcast their portfolio holdings
- Provides smart contracts that consume the broadcasted data to allow the masses to seamlessly mirror the live portfolio changes of market leaders
- Creates liquidity for entire portfolios by tokenizing them

The protocol is designed to facilitate the most commonplace behavioral trait in crypto: social hodling.

What is a Champion?

A Hord Champion is an individual or entity that is willing to broadcast portfolio data. Champions must sync a social profile with their Hord profile to ensure legitimacy.

A Hord Champion's portfolio is built on the Champion Contract (CC) and is mirrored by the Mirror Contract (MC). Champions earn data consumption fees.

What is a Mirror Contract (MC)?

The Mirror Contract mirrors Champion portfolios and in return pays data consumption fees. It buys and sells in accordance to changes in the Champion contract.

Each Mirror Contract accepts contributions from anyone interested in mirroring a particular Champion. Each Champion Contract is mirrored by a dedicated Mirror Contract.

Once contributions to a Mirror Contract close, the Mirror Contract's value becomes tokenized. The minted tokens are tradeable, and they are also redeemable for the underlying share of the Mirror Contract's holdings.

Why not use an AMM?

AMMs are capital inefficient. Given that there may potentially be hundreds or even thousands of tokenized portfolios issued on Hord, enabling low-slippage trading would require an incredible amount of cross-asset liquidity.

An orderbook DEX can enable low-slippage liquidity with minimal need for counter-asset liquidity. Given that tokenized portfolios are redeemable for their underlying value, there will always be a price floor, ensuring asset price confidence without the need of locking liquidity in an AMM. This makes liquid, low-slippage trading of tokenzied portfolios incredibly easy.

Who can become a Champion?

Anyone can become a Champion, as long as they are willing to validate an associated social profile and provide a minimum portfolio of $5,000.

Though, the true value in being a Champion is driven by having the influence or successful track record to drive demand for consumption of the portfolio data.

Who can contribute to a Mirror Contract?

Anyone. Hord is a decentralized protocol operated by smart contracts. No person or entity controls access to data consumption of Champion Contracts.

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