Follow the Best Crypto Portfolios

Never miss out again with Hord’s dynamic ETFs.
Follow market leaders’ holdings at a click.
Powered by decentralized smart contracts.

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One Click

Instant launch of champion-led portfolios


Auto-adjust to new buys or sells


Receive an ETF token backed by your live portfolio

Broadcast Your Portfolio Updates

Influencers, asset managers, and any high-performing traders can create and update a public portfolio with:

  • Initial Deposit
  • Public Token Picks
  • Weight of Each Asset

Join a Real-Time Mirrored Portfolio

Participants opt in a Hord smart contract that mirrors a Champion's portfolio, issuing an ETF token that reflects the Champion's portfolio assets movements and fluctuation in real-time.

Champions followers can buy these ETF tokens that are minted when the follower deposits funds in the mirror smart contract.

That ETF's value fluctuates in sync with the value of the assets in the Champions basket and can be redeemed or traded.

Trade Tokenized Portfolios

The portfolio-mirroring ETF token is liquid.

Trade these tokens, including close-ended and time-locked ones, on the Hord orderbook DEX, even at a price higher than their underlying value.

Platform Features

Leaderboard & Discovery

Hord’s multi-filter search function facilitates the selection of best performing ETFs according to a large number of parameters.

Hord's leaderboard displays in real-time the up and coming highest performing portfolios.

Orderbook DEX

AMMs are capital inefficient. They require massive amounts of deposits to trade without large slippage.

Hord’s orderbook DEX enables trading ETF tokens without burdening liquidity providers.

Governance & Champion’s Guild

Portfolio Leaders with a track-record of high performance qualify as Champions.
Champions are given the spotlight on the Hord Platform.

Rising portfolio managers can be accepted into the guild through governance.

Hord Fee Structure

Mirroring portfolios pay a 0%-40% gratuity fee for their performance.

Champions' are also collectively distributed 25% of the trading fees generated on the orderbook DEX. This gratuity is in proportion to the LTV of champions mirrored baskets.

Token Economy

Success Fee

Upon redemption, 5% of profits are being used to buy back and burn HORD tokens.

Redemption Fee

When a portfolio ETF is redeemed for its underlying value, a 0.5% fee is applied.

Orderbook DEX Fee

A 0.25% fee applies to trades of ETFs on the orderbook DEX if traders own HORD tokens. Otherwise, a 0.4% fee applies.

50% of DEX fees reduce HORD token supply. The other 50% replenish the development fund.


HORD stakers will earn the right to partake in governance of the network and protocol.

Hord Backers and Champions

Road Map

Q1 21 : Foundation

Q2 21 : Formation

Q3 21 : Lift Off

Q4 21: The next frontier

  • Hord concept and initiation
  • Hord core team formation
  • Foundation DAO Congress Contract + Congress Members Registry Contract
  • Pool Token Contracts Infrastructure
  • MVP specs documentation
  • HORD Token sale - $2M funding secured
  • Listing of HORD token
  • Genesis Champions announced
  • HORD LP Staking Farm
  • NFT Tickets for Champion hPools
  • HORD V1 Full Design and Technical Specification

End of quarter goals:

  • Total of 4 CEX and 3 DEX Listings
  • 50 Champions
  • $5M liquidity on DEX
  • Hord V1 Launch!
  • ERC20 Token support
  • Hord Orderbook DEX for hPool tokens on Layer 2 Ethereum

New features:

  • Champion Verification Funnel
  • Explore hPools section
  • Support for more wallets
  • HORD V2 Full Design and Technical Specification

End of quarter goals:

  • 100 Champions
  • 100 hPools
  • $10M TVL

Hord V2 Launch!

New features:

  • Automatic uploading of address history to champion portfolio
  • Manual fee structure
  • Multiple hPools per Champion
  • Cross-Chain underlying assets
  • DAO-Based hPools

End of year goals:

  • 200 Champions
  • 200 hPools
  • $30M TVL

Frequently asked questions

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What is a Champion?
What is a Mirror Contract (MC)?
Why not use an AMM?
Who can become a Champion?
Who can contribute to a Mirror Contract?


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